Places Around the World

My dream is to conquer the world and in doing so, I have set my goals and targets. Conquering the world is not just by only going places but also by getting recognition of the world. Still, I am also interested in traveling because there is a lot you can learn and explore that could humble yourself and understand how the world works. Because life is an adventure.

My Skill Sets

Mostly of my interest based on my skill sets but I am a curious learner and really love to get my hand on something new. I am relative new in UI & UX design but I am very interested in those studies. I am good with most of Adobe Creative Suite and could work comfortably across each application. All of my projects in my portfolio are crafted and directed by myself. Everything from photography, illustrations and typography. 

  • Illustration 95%
  • Photoshop 85%
  • HTML & CSS 95%
  • Indesign 85%
  • Photography 75%
  • Video Editing 75%
  • UI & UX 90%

My Interest

Besides my interest in design, I love to aquascape and learn about different kinds of fish. I owned 2 aquarium, which are 20 gallon and 7 gallon aquariums. People say taking care of fish is boring, well not me, because you need to understand their behavior and personality to understand how cool fish are. Like cats, fish could be territorial and could be aggressive when they are in care of their babies. As of for football, I am an avid supporter of Tottenham Hotspurs! COYS!

p/s: Arsenal fans, please don’t hate me, I love Arsenal games too.


Fish Care

Tottenham Hotspurs Fan

Cat Lover